How Much Everyday Gestures Cost and How to Save

It is hard to realize it, but all these daily activities end up weighing heavily on our budget at the end of the year. And this is even more true if your family is large.

That’s why, we wanted to make a small summary on how much daily gestures cost in a year and you present tips for reduce these expenses.

These costs are, of course, an average that has been calculated with a family of 4 people with 2 children.

1. Washing machine = 365 €

Run your washing machine consume water and of electricity in large quantities throughout the year. We spend 75 cents about each machine. So if you make a machine every day, it will cost you 365 € every year. And we did not take into account the price of laundry. To reduce this expense, be careful to fill each machine well or use the half-load program if you do not fill it.

Also, use programs that do not exceed 30°C.

This is enough to clean most clothes with less damage. Finally, try running your machines during off-peak hours to save on your electricity bill.

2. dishwasher = 235 €

A family of 4 who use their dishwasher every day will spend approximately 235 €. If you run it twice a day, you’ll spend double. When your dishwasher is working, these are 64 cents coming out of your pocket. And we did not take into account the expense for cleaning products.

As for the washing machine, remember to fill your dishwasher well and to use a half-load program when it is not full.

Then always wait for off-peak hours to make it work.

3. Flushing the toilet = 140 €

When we flush the toilet, we spend on average 0.034 cents of water. Then, multiply the number of hunting shots per day and by each member of the family. This makes 10 cents per day and therefore 35 € per year, which must still be multiplied by the 4 members of this family.

That’s 140 €. To use less water when flushing, you can put a bottle of water in the toilet to reduce its capacity.

Otherwise you can also flush less. Saving water is not only good for our wallet, it is also a good gesture for our planet.

4. Shower = 720 €

Taking a shower is like 50 cents on average. What amounts to 180 € per person per year, if showering daily. Which makes a total of 720 € for a family of 4.

The calculation was made on a shower that was taken with less than 75 liters.

To save money, you can reduce the number of showers you take and replace your shower head with a more water-efficient shower head.

5. Bath = €1,440

When we take a bath, we make it flow 150 liters average hot water. What costs us a euro. So if 4 members of a family take a bath every day it amounts to €1,440 per year.

Take more showers and limit the number of baths to save money.

6. Heating = €1,685

This figure should be taken with a grain of salt.

It depends on the size of your house, but also on the place where you live. But in any case the heating expenses are quite significant. To save money, you can better insulate your windows and doors by placing on them door draft excluders. You should also know that the ideal temperature of a house is between 17°C and 19°C. It is better to put on a sweater than to overheat your house.

In addition, if you lower the temperature during the night, you can make up to 7% savings.

7. Oven = 53 €

Using your oven means spending between 10 and 22 cents.

By making an estimate, the oven costs 53 € per year. To save, choose energy-efficient household appliances. In addition, when you can, prefer the use of the microwave which is much more economical.

8. Fridge = 29 €

The consumption of a fridge costs 29 € per year. It depends on its size and energy class. To save, you must check that the rear grid is not dusty. Because otherwise it causes an overconsumption of 10%.

The ideal fridge temperature is 4°C, no need to go any lower.

Finally, you must also defrost the freezer regularly.

9. Microwave = 6 €

It is more accurate to say that 10 hours of microwave use costs €1. It’s true that it’s not huge. However, avoid defrosting large dishes in your microwave.

But defrost your dishes the day before in your fridge.

10. Recharge your phone = €1.15

Charging a phone once every two days makes you spend 28.75 cents per year. If all 4 members of your family have a telephone, this amounts to €1.15 per year.

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