How to Save at the Beach: 9 Tips to Avoid Breaking the Bank

THE vacation are approaching and it’s time to think about the destination, if you haven’t already. For save a bit about the costs of the beach it is essential to follow some advice that you will find below.

Not to not ruin, it is important to know that in France you can use the bathing structures with discounts offered by the beach attendants, and, of course, you can always enjoy the public and free beaches in full freedom.

But for those who do not want to give up all the comforts and services of private beaches, you can find various options at reduced costs.

Indeed, especially because of the crisis, many beach attendants have decided to offer tourists the usual service at really very promotional prices.

THE offers are really very numerous and it is not necessary to save all the year to be able to afford the comfort of the private beaches. Let’s find out 9 tips to save on the cost of your beach vacation.

1) Locations farther from the sea

THE price in some establishments may vary considerably, up to 70%, according to distance to the sea. Indeed, the cost of pitches near the entrance to the bathing establishment is much more advantageous.

Even if the sea will be a bit far, you can take full advantage of paid services, without spending too much.


2) On the beach for half a day

Another way to significantly save on the cost of the beach is to stay on the beach for just one half day. Indeed, in many paying establishments, you can to inscribe for the Morning or for theafternoon. Also in this way the cost will be reduced, without having to give up the convenience of the services offered by beach attendants.


3) Save on lunch

Vacations are for resting, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend too much money having lunch always at the restaurant.

prepare a voucher picnic is certainly much more economical. A few sandwiches and fresh fruit are ideal to not arrive hungry at dinner time.


4) Off-season holidays

In order to enjoy the amenities offered by private bathing establishments, with the reduction of about 30%, we advise you to take your holidays in low season. In June and September, prices are much lower and there is no risk of crowds or crossover from July and August holidaymakers.


5) Book online

Just like hotels, campsites and other structures, it is possible to to book, in most cases, via the Internet. By deciding well in advance when and where to stay, it is possible to significantly reduce the beach cost, while maintaining the same services offered for a relaxing holiday.

Prenotare spiaggia on-line

6) Discounts for those who respect the environment

As is now clear to all, the use of public transport, bicycles or parking systems alternative transport and less polluting, is a more civil and ethically correct behavior to respect the environment.

In addition to less polluting you can get some reductions on the costs of the beach and the services offered.


7) Share subscription

To save money 50% on the cost of the subscription in a bathing establishment, you can share with other people, such as friends and relatives. By alternating the use of the cabin, the tanning bed, the deckchair and the parasol, the cost will be reduced by half.


8) Contracted offers

Another oadvantageous offer for tourists staying at the hotel or camping is to take advantage of the agreed beaches with the structures where they stay.

Indeed, many of these structures will be able to indicate the bathing establishment with which they are contracted in order to make you obtain higher discounts.


9) Discounts based on age

Many establishments offer advantageous reductions also depending on the age of the client. Indeed, discounts for the elderly and for small children are increasingly common types of offers among managers of private establishments.


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