10 Fattening Foods You Didn’t Know About

These food are there on our table or in our cupboards with an innocent air. They are very tempting especially when dieting. We think we do well by eating them and yet… Some of them do more grow than other foods we deprive ourselves of for our figure.

Attention ! It’s all about balance ! You are not being told to remove these foods from your diet, only to eat them in moderation !

So what is it? Here is a small non-exhaustive list:

1.dried fruits

The word “fruit” misleads us. It is true that these are real apricots, raisins and others that have been dehydrated.

However, their carbohydrate content is on average 5 times higher than that of fresh fruit.

2. Rusks

Unfortunately, we think that rusks are perfect for breakfast to avoid weight gain. Big mistake! In reality they are slices of fresh bread which has been dried and to which sugar and fat have been added.


3. the lawyer

Avocado contains unsaturated fatty acids which are good for our health. But, it remains too rich in lipids. Although healthy food acclaims it, it is 220 calories per 100 g. So avoid eating it with mayonnaise or vinaigrette.


4. The dried fruit

For the aperitif, peanuts, cashews and others are always welcome. It is believed that these fruits are good for the line if their salt content is low. On the other hand, these are 600 calories per 100 g approximately !