Correct clothing: how to prevent and remedy the errors of washing ?

It often happens that some of our clothes come out shrinking washing machine. This is a very common inconvenience that particularly affects the Wool and cotton clothing. Don’t worry, following some simple tips, it will be easy to prevent and remedy washing errors, thus preserving the form of our favorite clothes longer.

How to avoid washing errors

THE Setting washing machine washing cycles is an art, Not always very intuitive.

It often happens that in the presence of particularly stubborn spots, you opt for long programs, at high temperature and with many spin cycles.

It could shrink your favorite clothes.

THE fibers most prone to this type of damage are natural fibers, especially cotton and wool. Before washing your laundry, it is a good idea to read the label carefully and fill the drum according to specific criteria: wool with wool, cotton with cotton, colored with colored and so on.

Temperature is the main cause of cotton shrinkage. Indeed, the fibers tend to shrink if they are washed at more than 40 degrees. With wool, it is best to choose washing cycles at low temperature and spinning that does not exceed 400 rpm.

There are alsoother particularly delicate materials, such as silk, Scottish thread or cashmere, which are best washed by hand, in cold water and with a few drops of Marseille soap.

Clothes that shrink: how to fix it ?

Even taking all the necessary precautions, inconvenience can still occur. How many times have you cut off the tag because it was too big and in the way ? Not to mention mixed fiber clothing…

Well, even then, you can always fix it.

For clothes shrunk in cotton, just them soak in a basin of lukewarm water and add a little conditioner. For the felted wool, on the other hand, the most effective remedies are as follows: soak it in a solution composed of 3 parts cold water and 1 part milk or in a bowl of 2 liters of cold water with 20g of baking soda added.

In each case, the shrunken garment should be soaked for a few hours. Then wash it with Marseille soap and rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

Up to you…

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