Lighting: 3 ideas for a cozy space

Luminaires are not only made to bring light’lighting in your home. Indeed, they can also create a cozy atmosphere indoors. It’s all about knowing what kind of lights to choose and for which room(s).

To give you more’inspirations, follow our decoration tips.

Install dimmable lighting with pendant lights

The best way to’create a cozy atmosphere is to find the’perfect balance between light and’darkness. VS’is what will allow you to rest and intrude in a comfortable setting. Dimmable lighting has the advantage of’offer different settings’intensity. It is suitable for all rooms in the house, thanks in particular to pendant lights. However, this set s’ready more to the dining room and the’entrance.

You will find different models of dimmable chandeliers at Lumeers to bring a design touch to your ceiling.

When choosing your models of suspended luminaires, keep in mind that cozy spaces n’don’t need’too stylish equipment. On the contrary, you must bet on simple and user-friendly articles.

With adjustable lighting, your parts will have a double function. An office can, for example, turn into a cozy space with dim lighting. You can, however, bring the’normal lighting for the days you need to work. In the dining room, an adjustable light will create an intimate atmosphere.

VS’is there’ideal for a romantic dinner.

Pendant light, lighting

Favor soft lights on the edges of furniture and height

Here you will use wall sconces. These complement the’overhead lighting. Indeed, the brightness will be more uniform.

The room will also benefit from more depth to create the’much sought-after comfortable atmosphere. For more softness, a bulb of 2500 Kelvins or less is recommended. It brings a warmer glow that helps to’soften the’lighting.

THE wall sconces are particularly suitable for bathroom lighting. You can use several for the sink. In the dark rooms of nature, the’lighting will be placed higher. Spotlights can also be installed in the bedroom to illuminate the closet.

They are less aggressive, while allowing better visibility.

For the kitchen, the light spots are to be placed at ceiling level. Thus, they highlight the worktop.

Vary light levels in rooms

We are no longer talking here about’intensity of’lighting. Light level refers to the height of the luminaire. After the suspended models and wall sconces, the creation of’a cozy space requires’installation of’a table lamp.

This model allows you to immerse yourself in pockets of light. These invite warmth and create a sense of security.

The table lamps are to be placed in the living room, in a discreet way. They decorate well the chest of drawers or the edge of the sofa. Table lamps are also suitable for the bedroom, on the bedside table.