10 foods to avoid to avoid headaches

THE headache is a very common problem. Its scientific term is headache and manifests with intense pain in the head, face and neck. Headache can be caused by many factors : trauma, genetic predispositions, temperature changes, physical or mental stress, lack of sleep, prolonged use of electronic devices, or even poor body posture.

However, it also manifests itself because ofhyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or for consumption of particular foods which, depending on the nutrients they contain, predispose, trigger or exacerbate headaches.

It is therefore obvious that he there is a correlation between food and headache. Substances involved in headache are tyramine, phenylethylamine and histamine. These are molecules contained in many foods and which in themselves are not harmful to the human body.

However, if they are taken massively and continuously, they can cause reactions, the most common being precisely, headache.

So let’s see together in which foods they are mainly found and find out what foods to avoid to prevent headaches.