10 ways to reuse the bottom of wine bottles

How many times have wehave leftover wine after a night out with friends ? Bottle funds, especially if they were special or different wines between them, end up staying for several days in the cupboard or in the freezer with the risk of being forgotten or become acidic. Wine becomes better over time on the only condition ofbe well preserved. To age well, the bottles of wine must be full, well closed, and kept in a cool, dry and dark place.

Otherwise, the chances that the taste changes are very high.

But if we really don’t know what to do with it, the only alternative is to throw it in the trash ?

No ! Whether it’s a bottle background of the previous evening still good or half that has turned, throwing it would be a mess. There are many ways to recycle it, in the kitchen but also for the house or as an insecticide. What might seem like a waste becomes in fact useful for the little ones as well as for the biggest problems of everyday life.

So let’s see together 10 ways to reuse the remains of old wine or that has turned.

1.To prepare meats and sauces

Using the remains of wine for the preparation of delicious dishes is surely the reuse of the most classic.

You can use red wine to marinate meat or season it. White is perfect for your fish or molluscs, or for your risottos. Fantasy in cooking does not know any limits.

2.For the preparation of your desserts

Wine, especially red, can be used to prepare desserts. Rather than throwing it away, prepare gourmet frosts or use it to season a soft chocolate cake. It is also possible to use it to season a jam flavored with cloves and cinnamon, excellent with rusks or preparations based on puff pastry, but also ideal to accompany cheeses.

3.Fresh frozen

If you are not used to drinking a glass of wine with every meal, the risk that an open bottle will stay open for a long time is very high. Best to freeze it. Pour the rest of the wine into the ice cube tray cubes: this way you will have small portions ready to use in the kitchen whenever you need them.

4.As a dye for your fabrics

Even when the wine is too old and has aged too much to be drunk or used in cooking, it can serve.

A great example of creative recycling for red wine is to use it as a dye for your fabrics. Simply soak the fabrics in boiling water and wine for about 10 minutes. By pouring 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 of coarse salt into the pan, you will allow the color to set.

Then rinse with cold water and streak until the fabric does not leave any color.

5.As a fertilizer for plants

Thanks to its antioxidant properties and the natural yeasts it contains, wine is a real panacea for plants and flowers. If you have a quarter of a bottle of wine left at home, fill it with fresh water and use it to wash down. Your plants will look healthier right away, and the bottle will already be rinsed out and ready to be recycled.

6.To remove wine stains

Yes, you read correctly. To remove wine stains, you can use other wine. This rule applies to red wine which, as we have seen previously, has coloring properties and is therefore very difficult to remove when it stains a fabric sofa, carpets, clothes or tablecloths.

In these cases it can therefore be useful to have at home a bottle base of white. Pour the white wine on the stain with a little baking soda and let it act for a few hours, in this way it will neutralize the stain by dissolving it.

7.To clean fruits and vegetables

Leftover white wine can be used in place of sanitizer and baking soda to sanitize raw fruits and vegetables.

The amount of alcohol present in wine is capable of eliminating dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and echerichia coli. It will be enough to soak your vegetables still whole in water and wine for a few minutes.

8.To clean the windows and the kitchen top

Like vinegar, old white wine that can no longer be drunk is a very good degreaser for surfaces. It can be used to clean windows, the fridge or other kitchen surfaces, obtaining very good results without using dangerous and polluting chemical substances.

A detergent that costs you nothing, is environmentally friendly, and also has anti-odour qualities.

9.As an insecticide

In summer mosquitoes, flies can torment our evenings. In order not to use strong but smelly chemical insecticides, you can build a homemade trap for these annoying insects. All you have to do is fill a jar halfway with the rest of the red wine and close it with a transparent film.

With the help of a toothpick, make small holes in the film so that the insects can pass into the jar, attracted by the sweet taste of the wine.

Once inside, they won’t be able to come out. The ideal would be to have a lot of pots near the windows of the house so that you can then leave them during your summer evenings.

10.As a skin toner

They say that “good wine is good blood” but the skin also seems to benefit. If you don’t know how to reuse the red wine you have left, try using it as a facial toner. Just leave the bottle in the fridge, pour the wine on cotton balls and dab your face.

Thus, you will combine the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols contained in the wine with the decongestant power of the cold. The skin will immediately appear more elastic, compact and rosier.

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