8 tips for tidying up your closet

The wardrobe is a place that tends to fill up quickly. as if by magic ! What a waste of time looking for that little sweater you love so much or your favorite pair of socks for the cold. I’winter is coming’is there’opportunity to make in this change of season sorting and storing for’see more clearly. In this article you will find several perfect tips to have a tidy wardrobe and which will be pleasant to see every morning when you choose your outfit.

Tip #1: sorting

Before tidying up, it is necessary to’on board sort. You may not see it right away’interest of this step because after all, if these clothes are in your wardrobe c’is that you wear them, no ? Think again, there are many clothes that you may have forgotten or that you do not wear on a daily basis. So here you have to sort out the clothes that no longer fit you or that you don’t like’love more.

It is also advisable to put aside the clothes reserved for special occasions to store them in special boxes. Keep everything you wear every day, outfits for going out like the ones you use to be comfortable at home.

To optimize the’space, you can combine different clothes to create an outfit. Pants, a shirt and a jacket on the same hanger can save you time when you are late or awake.

Tip n°2: store vertically

Once you have selected all the things you want to have on hand in your closet, you now have to put them away. For this, we can refer to the famous method of Marie Kondo who s’is known for her sorting and storage tips. Marie Kondo uses a lot of vertical storage, and for good reason, it is efficient. By folding his clothes so rectangular, these fit in a drawer, which saves a lot of space.

No more piles of falling t-shirts. Here we find at first glance’eye the garment that l’we are looking for and no space’is lost.

Tip #3: Boxes

The boxes have l’advantage of store easily in a closet. However, avoid stacking them, the goal here is to make your life easier by allowing quick access to the clothes you want to find. There is something for every budget, in every material.

The boxes allow compartmentalize each type of garment and to give an orderly appearance to your wardrobe.

Tip n°4: roll up sheets and towels

Bed linen and bath towels take up a lot of space. In order to save time and’space, you can gather each piece of’a bedding set and roll them together. Similarly for towels, roll them up to form logs.

Aesthetically this shape is prettier and it allows you to stack them to take advantage of’height while saving width.

Tip n°5: sort by season

Why keep clothes’been all’winter ? At the’Conversely, coats take up space unnecessarily when’It’s hot. VS’is why it makes sense to store parts that you do not wear according to the seasons in order to’ventilate your closet. Use covers that you can vacuum’air for which’they take up as little space as possible.

So your things don’t gather dust and get’do not damage.

Tip n°6: optimize each space

If your closet has one, consider using the doors. They’is about’a practical and ideal space for small business. You can store scarves, hats or various accessories that the’we like to have at hand.

There are hanging storage designed for doors, perfect for storing all your accessories.

Tip 7: sort by color

In addition to’be harmonious, this storage method is time saving effective. Visually you are immediately directed to find the color you want’you need. This also allows you to realize the colors that may be missing from your wardrobe and guide your future purchases.

Tip #8: Drawer Divider

You are limited in number of drawers ? The separator will help you to add compartments and thus better sort your underwear for example. Removable, you can change them around as you see fit according to your needs.

Tip #9: Limit Purchases

Compulsive shopping are the enemies of’a tidy wardrobe. So be sure to think carefully about each of your purchases. Do I have a similar piece ? Can I pair this shirt with more’trousers ? do i really need it ? These are all questions that will allow you to limit unnecessary expenses and D’avoid d’having piles of clothes you won’t know what to do with.