9 Benefits of Reading, You Should Read Every Day

Whatever your choice author, no matter how much pleasure you take in reading the books of the moment, in any case, reading is good for you and for the relationship you have with others. Reading is not only good for the moral, it is also good for health

Reading would gradually become a remedy against certain mental illnesses. This phenomenon of bibliotherapy which is not yet medically founded is in a new mode of curative medicine.

When was the last time you took the time to read a book, or an article in your favorite magazine? ?

Do your reading habits revolve more around Facebook, Twitter, or the list of ingredients for your instant soup? ?

If you are one of the many people who are not used to read every day, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. So find out the 9 benefits of daily reading.

1. Stimulates the brain

It’s obvious: keeping your brain active prevents it from losing its abilities. Like all other muscles in the body, the brain needs training to stay strong and healthy. As a result, reading is beneficial to the health of our brain, as are games of skill or which stimulate our intellect such as chess or puzzles.

2. Reduces stress

Stress is everywhere, it invades us and we don’t even realize it. Everything is good to reduce it, so why not reading? A novel can simply make us travel to another dimension far from the daily chaos and alleviate our anxiety.

3. Improve knowledge

When we read, we fill our brain with new information even if we never know when it will be useful to us.

The more knowledge we have, the better equipped we are to face new challenges. If you are going to lose everything in your life, remember that your knowledge and skills can never be taken away from you.

4. Increases vocabulary

The more we read, the more we discover new words, it’s a fact. Expressing yourself eloquently and precisely with your superiors with confidence is a great way to improve your self-esteem. Reading also has a beneficial effect on learning a foreign language.

Reading a book in another language allows you to see words used in context.

It improves both writing and speaking.

5. Improves memory

When you read a book, you have to remember a lot of information, but the brain is a prodigious organ that will remember it without any problem. The most amazing thing is that each time we assimilate something new, we make new synapses and solidify old ones. This means that reading will increase our ability to retain short-term memories.

6. Improves attention and concentration

We live in a hyperactive society, which seeks to go ever faster.

This kind of behavior is oppressive and slows down productivity. When we read a book all our attention is focused on the reading, as if the rest of the world disappeared. So in the morning, try to read 15-20 min before going to work.

Your level of concentration will increase once at work.

7. Improve writing

Observing the cadence, flow, and style of other writers will inevitably influence your own way of writing. In the same way that musicians influence the music of their colleagues, and that painters are inspired by the technique of the masters, writers create stories by drawing inspiration from the work of other authors.

8. Peace of mind

Reading is synonymous with relaxation, it is known… But it goes even further. Indeed, reading spiritual texts can lower blood pressure and induce feelings of calm. Plus, self-help books have been proven to help people who suffer from certain mood disorders.

9. Free entertainment

Most people like owning the book they’re reading. But, books can be expensive. To enjoy really inexpensive entertainment, you can visit a media library and discover the countless volumes that are available there, free of charge.

If you live in a place without a library or you can’t get around, be aware that most media libraries offer an e-service to download books.

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