How to remove the tempered glass ?

Soaked glass, a great way to protect your smartphone ! Surely you have already experienced this scene: your smartphone fell on the ground on the side of the’screen and you hope with all your heart that the glass will not break. If you are lucky, then when collecting, you will see that your phone n’has a single scratch. Miracles ! Unfortunately, it also happens that your screen is broken into a thousand pieces.

VS’is like playing drums or face with your phone.

That’ Does the tempered glass ?

Soaked glass is a glass that has been heated to very high temperatures before’it does not suddenly cool. This method makes the glass stronger and less dangerous in case of breakage, because the parts are less sharp and more are small. Tempered glass can be found everywhere: in showers, partitions, windows, but especially in the famous protections of’phone screen !

Tempered glass film, how it works ?

The protection is placed directly above the’smartphone screen and serves as a “shield” to protect the glass. If your phone is dropped or has an accident, the tempered glass will suffer the damage instead of the’screen. It is therefore easier to’remove the tempered glass and replace it with another than changing the’full screen.

And it will save you well too, because the price of’a tempered glass film is inferior to a full screen repair of the’iPhone, Samsung or even Huawei. Besides, it also helps to avoid scratches on the’screen when you rub your keys or d’other items in your pocket or bag. They also limit the small Fingerprints you leave every day when’using your smartphone.