How much really costs a swimming pool ?

When you plan to build a swimming pool, one of the first questions you ask yourself is that of its cost. Indeed, the construction of a swimming pool bears the costs relating to its installation and maintenance. This way, you will know better what to expect regarding the budget you should allocate for this project.

However, certain indices make it possible to fix the price of its swimming pool.

Installation of a swimming pool

The cost of installing a swimming pool is not fixed, it varies according to certain criteria, in particular the model chosen, dimensions and shape, type of materials used for structure

Depending on model

The price of the pool can be either high or low depending on its model. Among these models, there are kit pools, tubular, above-ground, caring, buried, buried to name a few.

Regarding kit pools, they are those whose prices are more affordable in the market. Indeed when you opt for an above -ground kit pool for example, you will save more about the one who contacts a professional. The asset of kit pools is therefore its very economical dimension.

The price of a kit pool varies between 100 and 1500 euros.

Carriers bearers are also accessible. Their prices are located between 250 and 6,000 euros. The price of above -ground models is higher than the first two. Thus he oscillates between 1000 and 12,000 euros.

As for buried swimming pools, their prices vary between 5,000 and 30,000 euros.

Depending on the dimensions and form

When we undertake to dig a swimming pool, we must also understand that the dimensions and forms will influence the cost of the work. Thus, a swimming pool with small and classic form (rectangular) will be less expensive than that with large dimensions in octagonal bean form.


According to the materials

The materials chosen for the construction of its swimming pool, another very important criterion for the evaluation of the work. Indeed, there are several types of material with which you can make a swimming pool, and not all have the same price. For this purpose, a wooden pool, because of its material, will be less valued than a polyester one.

Beyond these criteria, it should also be noted that the price of a swimming pool can be revised upwards if we add facilities such as the jacuzzi, mobile bottom etc.

Swimming pool maintenance

Affording a property is one thing, maintaining it is quite another thing. Indeed, when you buy a good, a car for example, the lack of maintenance can accelerate its decay. The same goes for the swimming pool, a lack of maintenance will not make you want to swim there. In addition to the construction price, that of maintenance is a separate budget.

Thus, for a good maintenance of a swimming pool, you must plan 150 to 300 / Days, 71 to 235 EUROS for weekly maintenance, bi-monthly 114 to 340 EUROS and monthly 66 to 260 EUROS.

What are the advantages of having a swimming pool at home? ?

Whether it is in the front or the back of the house, the swimming pool brings a certain value to the house. Moreover, she is a great place to relax with family or even friends. Having a swimming pool at home certainly has advantages, however, it can cause unforeseen situations such as accidents in families with many children.

She can also be a source of stress due to the various maintenance bills that will be required.