Sugar: Not Just a Sweetener. Here are 7 Alternative Uses

THE refined white sugar is demonized by all health professionals. If in the kitchen it should be used in moderation to prevent a series of chronic pathologies. In other areas, it can be used to enjoy its benefits.

It is, for example, the basic ingredient of many beauty treatments or for the mental and physical well-being of the body. It can also be used to maintain your garden.

If, for example, you have particularly sensitive skin and depilatory treatments are torture for you, we recommend that you have a “homemade” sugar-based wax.

Simply pour the juice of half a lemon, 40 grams of white sugar and water into a saucepan. After boiling everything over low heat, you will get a homogeneous and dense mixture.

You can use it like a traditional depilatory wax and remove it using the fabric strips. Store it in glass jars and heat it in a bain-marie when you need it. So you save the money of the beautician and depilatory wax.

If you like beauty treatments, if you like nature, Do not lose these other 7 precious tips.

1) homogeneous tanning

If you want a Impeccable golden complexion, But that the self -tanner does not meet your requirements. You can improve its performance by applying a mixture made with 1 Small sugar spoon and 2 spoons of coconut oil, for the areas of the body where the lotion was applied. Sugar avoids an artificial effect while coconut oil deeply hydrates the skin and gives it a light appearance.

2) Natural exfoliant

Excellent as a natural scrub, sugar will be perfect for eliminate dead cells skin and possible impurities. To do this, carefully mix 10 g of sugar and 10 drops of coconut oil or olives. Then, apply it by making circular massages, in order to promote absorption.

3) Remedy for stains

If you don’t want to remove stains from clothes using chemical additives that can deteriorate fabrics, you can use sugar. dissolve 40 grams in a cup of hot water and pour this solution on the stain that needs to be removed. Soak the garment for at least an hour and then rinse.