How Long Should You Keep Your Papers?

Invoice, check stubs, pay slip, tax notice… How long should you keep your papers ?

We get lots of administrative papers and we rarely know how many time you have to keep them. Result: we always keep them even during moves and it takes up space and time. It is that it is difficult to find oneself there because each paper has a different retention period.

That’s why we decided to do this small guide practical to keep your papers. You will be able to sort ! Look :

2 years

– Liability insurance
– Notice of payment of allowances
– Technical control of the car

3 years

– Tax notice
– Proof of income tax payment
– Rental agreement
– TV license fee

5 years

– Electricity and gas and water bill
– Bank account statement
– Check stub

10 years

– Condominium fees
– Invoices related to the works
– Claims file

30 years

– Acknowledgment of debt

until retirement

– Pay slip
– Employment contract
– Pink slip
– Payment of daily allowances
– Unemployment benefit slip

For life

– Wedding contract
– Divorce decree
– Family record book
– Health book
– Medical certificate and examination
– Vaccination record
– Adoption certificate
– Diploma
– Retirement pension payment document

Until the warranty expires

– Invoice of electronic devices
– Warranty certificate

Until renewal

– ID card
– Passport

And There you go ! now you can save space by throwing away the papers you thought you had to keep all your life. –

Up to you…

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