How to properly furnish your kitchen ?

The layout of the kitchen takes into account several parameters. Indeed, it is important to integrate the configuration and the size to be sure to have a space that is both practical and pleasant. We give you some technical tips in the rest of this article.

Define needs

Defining needs and expectations is a fundamental step. Indeed, your social or professional status has a considerable influence in the choice of equipment. To this end, determining your expectations will allow you to better visualize the necessary equipment and the appropriate layout. Depending on the space available and the shape chosen, you could easily organize the layout of the material. Need materials of exceptional quality, order custom kitchen furniture here.

The “I” shaped kitchen is ideal for narrow spaces. It is suitable when it has a direct opening to the living room. If you have a medium-sized space, opt for an “L” shaped kitchen, as it will allow you to have a functional workspace and easy mobility.

Prioritize a work-friendly space

It is important to arrange your kitchen taking into account the central points which are the fridge, the stove and the sink. In the installation of furniture, always make sure that these 03 points form a triangle, in order to have easy and quick access to them. Added to this is an impeccable light system, fully covering all strategic places that require good light at all times.

You can opt for glass glasses mainly facing an outdoor space, as they will reflect the light rays projected during the day. It will also be a way to easily evaporate the smells of frying. In addition, the security aspect is not to be neglected.

Reason why you must respect the minimum safety distances and heights required.