8 Benefits of Hugs You Didn’t Know About

A cuddly is a gesture of affection with a great beneficial power, for both mind and body.

You hug a friend, a family member, a partner or even a stranger for any reason: to say thank you, to show your closeness in a difficult moment, your own love or your friendship.

A hug is a gesture paramount and represents the first moment of contact between mother and baby, immediately after birth. That’s why it’s so important to us.

The benefits of this gesture are so obvious that there are now many associations that have decided to celebrate them and spread the word, fans of the embrace are known abroad as those of the network Free Hugs.

here are the biggest benefits of hugs.

1. Produce oxytocin

I’oxytocin is actually a magic hormone. When your body produces it, it does lots of good things like making you happy or make you feel closer to others. This hormone is produced in abundance during a hug and as you will see in the benefits that follow, it feels good.

2. Boost the immune system

When we feel so powerful because we are in love, it is because we produce a lot of oxytocin and we also have the impression that nothing can stop us.

As a result, you also produce hormones that fight the infections. Not bad the power of love and happiness, no ?

3. Relieve pain

Here too, it is the same principle: it is oxytocin that acts. When you have pain somewhere, for example, in the neck, you are used toease the pain massaging you. It works because this simple touch makes you produce oxytocin.

So imagine what a hug can do.

4. Strengthen your relationship

In a couple, communication is essential, but we often forget that the physical contact is also very important.

So take at least 10 minutes for a big big hug when you come home stressed and tired it will be much more than anything else and you will strengthen your relationship. Because if you don’t take the time to sit down with your other half, you create tension.

5. Hugs and more if you like

Dopamine is THE molecule of pleasure and it also increases sexual desire. To produce it a simple touch can be enough, then a hug or a massage can achieve more.

And sex has even more beneficial powers than hugs: it de-stresses, strengthens a relationship and even makes you exercise.

6. help moms

Back to oxytocin. This hormone helps bring two people together, but it goes deeper between a mother and her baby. It helps the mother to sleep better, but above all it helps to relax her so that thefeeding with milk be done more easily.

7. Hugs reduce social anxiety

Oxytocin Makes You More Positive. So, if you arrive at a party where you only know one person and they give you a hug when they arrive, you will feel much better, instead of staying in your corner.

Yes, yes, try and you will see that it is true.

8. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Oxytocin strikes again. Less stress also means less tension and therefore a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The heart is happy and does not fight against stress; so it stays healthy longer.

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