11 Foods Still Edible After the Best Before Date

Many of us are throw food as soon as the expiration date has passed. However, some of them keep longer than you might think and with zero risk to your health !

The most important thing about food storage times is to be careful not to break the cold chain and store food properly at home by following the instructions on the label.

On the labels, we find two different inscriptions: ” Best before ” And ” To consume preferably before ” . The first is the expiry date once exceeded the product becomes unsaleable.

The second is the best-before date which designates until which date the product can be consumed while maintaining its optimal dietary and organoleptic qualities. Once the date has passed, the product may see its taste altered, but can still be consumed if it has been perfectly preserved.

One may wonder if these dates printed on the labels are not sometimes synonymous with waste. In all cases, regardless of the products and dates given, watch out for the look and smell of what you consume.

Look at the rest of this article to see what these foods that keep past the expiration date.


A yogurt is not at all bad once it has passed its expiry date. It can be consumed one to two weeks after the latter. This only concerns plain, fruit or sweet yoghurts and not egg-based dessert creams which keep for a shorter period of time.

2.Tin cans

If the can is intact, i.e. not swollen, dented or punctured, it can be kept for a very long time. If you keep them in a dry place, the cans can be consumed about 1 year or more after their expiry date.


Although it is difficult for a chocolate bar to remain whole until its expiry date. The less greedy can keep chocolate for one to two years, it depends on the quality of the chocolate. We advise you to use it in desserts, because it will be less tasty.


The conservation of the cheese depends on the type. Those that are hard can be kept for ten months. Soft cheeses keep for ten days.

But it all depends on the way and quality of conservation since their manufacture. You have to trust your nose before consuming them.


An egg in its shell can be kept for 21 days after laying and it is advisable to keep them in their box to protect them. Eggs with cracked shells should be discarded. Hard-boiled eggs can be eaten for a week, if kept cool.

The white of a broken egg will keep for a week in the refrigerator, the yolk, which is more fragile, will only keep for a few hours in the fridge.

6.UHT sterilized milk

UHT milk can be stored for two months after the best before date. However, there will be a slight change in taste as well as a drop in nutritional values such as vitamins and minerals. Always beware of bottles that are bulging.

7.The biscuits

If the package remains closed, the cookies can be eaten well after their expiry date. To keep them in better conditions and therefore prevent them from softening, put them in an iron box and put a sheet of paper towel in the bottom to absorb the humidity.

If they have become too soft, use them for desserts.

8.Frozen products

Frozen foods can normally be eaten several months after the date on the packaging. On the other hand, if you freeze your food yourself, do not keep it for more than two months and do not forget to date the freezer bags.

9. Honey

Among the innumerable qualities of this food, there is also the resistance to time. Honey contains almost no water while it is full of sugar and therefore it is almost immune to bacteria and it has no expiry date.

On the other hand, the law obliges the manufacturer to put a date on the packaging, but it does not mean much.

10. Dry products (rice, pasta)

This kind of dry food can be kept for about a year. The best way to do this is to keep them in glass containers or tightly sealed jars.

11. Freeze-dried products (coffee, purées, soups in sachets, etc.).)

If unopened, these products can be consumed after the expiry date. On the other hand, they risk losing their flavors.

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