The different thermal insulation options within the framework of the CEE premium

The bounty éenergy or CEE premium (certificate éeconomy of’éenergy) is a subsidy that’open à a très large part of the French populationçeasy. Popular, she was à I’limit originée in time, but l’État a décidé of the’étender and d’to facilitate the conditions of’accès. He does’there is then for no reason to s’do without, especially since this means of achieving à a drop of halfé déthink énerdéfrank ticksçease of’here à 2030 is a great way to see your monthly bills drop substantially’éenergy, in particular the share of heating.

For the réshout, c’is quite simple, but it is necessary to respect however a précis for the ésuccessive taps of his file. If everything is in order, we will be reimbursed a sometimes significant part of the total amount of the work, spéespecially those of’thermal insulation. À In this regard, what are the choices that’offer à We ?

Build your file

The CEE premium requires several déadministrative steps and having to make choices, which’is not aisé for most Frenchçais who do not know forceément the ins and outs of the rénovation énerdétick. There exists néat least several private organizationsés who can help us in the request for this grant, which is the case of Leclerc. Recognized for theélaughing at his déworks, you can consult the frequently asked questions on the CEE premium à this address: . Everything is clearly expressedé, with especially the reminders as to the spéficités des déadministrative steps.

It starts from’elsewhere by asking oneselfême on the difféannuities façso d’insulate your house or apartment and choose the work à engage. We will see which ones are à our disposal.

Insulate your home

We can dépledge three large sets of’thermal insulation à réalise in a house, whatever’be its spéficités and characteréristics: act on the roof, the walls and the windowsêvery, then finally the ground. We will in particular arrêter on the first two, the roof and the walls, as it s’acts to take dédecisions that will influence, in particular, our living space or the’aesthetic aspectétick of our accommodation. A few examples will illustrate the dilemmas that will arise’to offer à us as part of the’insulation.

The roof : they’is whether the attic is aménagés or améswimmable, then to knowîvery there’édream statusêroofing and carpentry. If we use the’attic space and that the’we need rérenovate its aging roof, then opt for insulation by the’outsideélaughing is the right choice, because the’roofing craftsman can récomplete all work in the même time, which is a éeconomy. In addition, the attic will not be réducted by insulation by l’intélaughing.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to change the revêexterior mentélaughing from the roof, for a modèthe insulator, which will change the’external appearanceélaughing at home.

The walls : vs’is a bit the mêmy principle that’exhibitionsé above. They’is above all a matter of choosing between préserve the external visual of our home at the détoil’a Réreduction of the internal living surface or to make exactly the’reverse. Do not omit to do vécheck the capacityé d’window insulationêvery in the mêmy time.