How to winterize a bubble cover ?

If your cover does not cover the pool, it will be stored in the bag ! Your Meteki pool cover is a solid but valuable accessory: therefore, handle with care.

At the time of’installation’is a reflex, but s’it is removed, it is also worth making the right gestures. The best thing is to store it well in a pool cover storage bag.

A pool cover should be handled with care. Sure, most tarps are designed to be impact resistant, but it’s always best to’act with care when you want to store them. VS’is why when you start, if you forget your cover d’wintering for’summer, it is necessary to’adhere to a certain method of storage.

Of course, rinse well to remove trash and any chemicals that may be applied. You then put it in the sun and above all, wait until’it dries before bending over: otherwise it will be a party for Bacteria… When dry, fold it into an accordion and store it in a storage bag specially designed for pool covers. You can find a wide range of bags among all professionals.

What’ how about the bubble cover ? The storage of’a bubble cover at the end of the’summer is different. In fact, the covers of’summer don’t want to be bent: obviously their bubbles would burst ! Better roll them. I’ideal is the mobile bubble tarpaulin roll: you roll the tarpaulin on the’axle and covers it with’an opaque MetaProtek tarp and carry it to your de-icing area !